It was the summer of 2006. I remember it like it was 18 years ago. A huge metal elephant was roaming round London when I received message that ukuleles were being sold at The Duke of Uke for £20 and I should get one. I duly did so.
On the back of the hand-written receipt was a website, which led me to an Aladdin’s cave of ukulele tablature. No treasure, though. Not having any musical knowledge, I worked my way through the where-to-put-your-fingers dots, and discovered that, through the power of the ukulele, I could join the world of musical expression.
The name of the game is entertainment.
The aim of the game is to provide you with entertaining ukulele-based music videos.
They don’t come thick and fast, as I have a day job that I’m often told shouldn’t give up.
… yet